Best job ever - Illustrating children's books. Painting birds, bears, and fish wearing jackets and hats. I have illustrated 34 picture books so far.


I wrote my first picture book - Gingerbread Mouse,        my favorite project ever, published by HarperCollins. Mouse moves into a gingerbread house and sees Christmas for the first time; the reader experiences Christmas from Mouse's point of view. I loved painting Mouse peeking out of her gingerbread window watching as the family hangs stockings and wraps packages around the tree. A yummy gingerbread cookie recipe is included in the book - for baking and gobbling after the story.


The Kensington Stobart Gallery featured my picture book art in a solo show in Salem, Massachusetts in 2013.  It was great fun staging the show. "From Pencil to Print" included preliminary sketches along with finished paintings, focusing on the step-by-step process of illustrating a picture book. We included blank paper on an easel for visitors to create their own drawings, and we offered kids' and grownups' classes and projects focused on children's books.









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I have featured my children's book art on snazzy items for sale in my online shop MAROOKAT. I love designing mugs, pillows, phone covers, clocks and other fun stuff. It is easy to add photos or drawings to Zazzle products -- try it sometime! Take a peek at my shop*


I am also working on a new picture book story I wrote - a winter tale with a menagerie of unruly animals wearing sweaters and mittens, and  I am creating folk art animal sculpture with paper mache, textiles, fabrics, and paint. Straddling the gap between reality and fantasy, as always....fantasy frequently taking precedence....




        My Clients Include:

HarperCollins, Random House, Grosset and Dunlap, Scholastic,

Simon and Schuster, Pelican Publishing, Sterling Publishing,

Soundprints/Smithsonian Institution, Marvel Monkey Tales,

Hasbro Toys, Hands On Toys, Portal Publications, F.X. Schmidt,

Marcel Schurman, New England Technology Group,

Audubon Insectarium


        My Projects Include:

Children's books, book covers, stickers, lift-the-flap books,

greeting cards, accordian greeting cards, posters, puzzles,

museum display posters, museum exhibit illustration, drawing

books, coloring posters, game board/box cover, children's craft

kits, advertising illustrations and line illustrations

for toy company.


        Events and Art Instruction:

Solo art show, "From Pencil to Print", Kensington Stobart Gallery, Salem MA 2013

Art Instructor - Illustration Techniques, Illustration, Art Institute of Boston, Boston MA

Children's book illustration - Gingerbread Mouse, Be My Valentine, Peabody Essex Museum MA

"Drawing from Nature" program, "Writing with Pictures" program, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA

"Lights! Camera! Draw!" - teachers' conference program, writing with pictures, Hyannis MA

Christmas Tree book festival and presentation, Gingerbread Mouse, Concord Museum

Gingerbread Mouse reading and gingerbread house craft, Wenham Museum, Wenham MA

Presentation - Illustrating picture books,, Wenham Museum, Wenham MA






From "Bunny's Easter Hunt", Sterling Publishing

"A Present for Mama Bear", Scholastic

From "Deer Mouse at Old Farm Road", Soundprints, with the Smithsonian Institution