ZigZag Blue Bird, oil pastel on butcher paper

Sweater Fish, textiles, embroidery, beads, mittens

Yes, mittens....

RedDots Folk Fish, oil pastel on brown paper

SnaggleTooth Gator and Friends

Oil Pastel on paper bag

Coral Folk Fish, 3D, acrylic on wood

Curious Lion, oil pastel on brown paper

Red Cat, Blue Bird

Reposse on tin, acrylic, nail polish

Grumpy Cat, oil pastel painting and frame

 Black Bird, Winged House

Santa Fe Fish, acrylic paint on wood

Folk Fish Stampede, oil pastel, brown paper

Digital border from original art

Painted Elephant

acrylic on cardboard

Alphabet Letter E

cardboard, masonite board, acrylic

Heart Dove, acrylic paint, dimensional paint, paper mache heart